Research and Exploration of Socrative

Socrative is a tool that allows teacher to engage their students in assignments and educational activities on their tablets, laptops and smartphones. With this tool it is possible to organize real time types of questionnaires and get instant correction of answers. This can save a lot of time and allow teacher to give more questionnaires to the students. Those questionnaires are also really appreciated by students

The first picture shows the teacher’s interface, the second shows the space race interface, and the third shows the live results interface.

On the app or the website, it is possible to login as a student or as a teacher. Teachers need to sign in or use their Google profile to do so. Students only need their classroom number to log in.  Teachers can create quick questions (Multiple choice, True or False, Short Answer) or series of questions to from quizz. The Space race option is also available, it is the same as normal quizz, but in a game form where students can compete against each other or in teams and see their performance on screen.

.This video is an overview of Socrative

Rachel M., a Spanish teacher at Cornell Senior High School, in Pennsilvania, did a review of the tool and discussed her usage of the tool and reflexions about it. First, she explained that she prefered to use this tool for formative assignments rather than somative ones. For those practice quizzes, the teacher prepared about 10-25 questions. Then, she started answering the questions with the student by using the  »teacher-paced » option. This option allowed her to disscuss of answers and pitfalls and students internalized a lot of this. After, she reviewed most of the questions, she would start a  »Space Race » to evaluate what students recalled from the discussion. Concerning her tought about the tool, she said she loves it for different reasons. One of the reason is that is is free to access from any smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also, she loved the fact that she could easily look at the data in detail or in general. Another reason is that students can use fictive names when their score appears on the big screen. Socrative allows open-ended responses and this was crucial in the context of a language classroom.

Socrative is a tool that allows to create online teacher-led or student-paced quiz for instant response. This is analysed by Anthony C., an educator with Computer Science and Technology Integration as a focus, in his review of the tool. This educator used Socrative as an entrance or exit-ticket activity. He reviewed past material, considered new ideas and questions, tried out pre-test, and gave feedback. He used short answer questions to consider new ideas, and the multiple choice and true or false questions for student paced quizzes. Students loved to receive instant gratification for their responses. Moreover, the educator tought that the possibility for teachers to view data as a chart in the dashboard was really helpful for a quick scan of students results. This tool was mostly useful for formative and pre-assessment and as an indicator of progress.

On her blog Emma Frances Bloomfield, a communication scholar and Ph.D. student, wrote an article about Scorative. The blogger based her opinion on the arguments that many students revealed to be nervous at the possibility of being called upon or to participate in class discussions. According to her, Socrative relifs the pressure of initiating conversation or being correct. The tool also helps saving time and engaging every students in activities. She used this tool to assign weekly reading re-cap quiz. Those re-cap quizzes were formative, and helped the teacher and students to know if they retained the material. After each quiz, she chose how she wanted to receive the data, in order to refer to them them latter. Knowing in real-time what questions were more difficult for student allowed her to meet the needs of the students in her discussions, without needing students to volunteer.

I personally tried this tool in my Computer APPs classroom as a student and tought it was pretty fun. Even if every student in that class were young adults, the space race activity was really appreciated by everyone. I think those kinds of quizz are so much fun that they could also be used as rewards. For example, in an ESL classroom, at the end of class the teacher could give a quizz in English about a random subject students liked. This way students would have fun doing the quizz while practicing their English written comprehension.

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